Every bag has a silver lining…

snapshot-2007-01-07-07-55-21.jpgOn Friday I had a customer ring in overjoyed with his Overnight Cabin Bag. Yes, he liked the style, and loved the leather, but here’s why he took the time to call:

He wanted to tell me that he’d driven from Bonn to London and on getting out at the other end, tired and in a hurry, threw the debris from the passenger seat into his bag. This included a styrofoam coffee cup, that he thought was empty.
When he came to unpack the bag the next day, he was horrified to see the cup on its side, dribbling coffee into his bag. Carefully removing his other possessions first, he saw that coffee was sitting in bubbles on the lining. With a bit of kitchen roll he dabbed it up. Absolutely no stains.

He just had to ring to tell me as he thought it would be good to put in the diary. (How nice is that?)

I have the lining made in Italy, by a family-run business based between Milan and Lake Como. Lovely people, and a superb product. The Herringbown lining is a jacquard weave of 50% cotton for a natural, tactile handle, and 50% polyester for strength, durability and a certain amount of stain resistance. The bit you don’t see is the water-resistant layer that has been applied to the back of the lining. Yes, it costs more, but it’s nice to know it’s worth that extra effort.

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