A heaven made in Marrakesh


A while ago I mentioned a visitor who I later found out was an artist living in Hawaii. We keep in touch every once in a while, and she updates me on the building of their dream home amongst acres of steamy tropical forest.

Well, I’ve recently had another lovely visitor on the diary.

Maryam dropped by and left some very nice comments, and (you know me) I had to take a look at her site.
And would you believe it? Maryam is also building her dream home. This time in acres of olive groves, just outside Marrakesh.
It all looks amazing. I’m not surprised she has been nominated for a best blogger award either, and asked by The Guardian to write an article on the Best of Marrakesh in an upcoming guide. Her blog is a fascinating and fun read. Even better, she is also building a guest house to rent…just look at the plans!

By the by, instead of asking Vogue and GQ and other lovely Conde Nast publications for some nice write ups, I wonder if I should instead be targeting builder’s supplies magazines – The Tropical Tiler’s Telegraph, and Marrakesh Masons Monthly – instead? I have a sneaky feeling that is what is really piled up on your bedside tables, dear readers?

4 thoughts on “A heaven made in Marrakesh

  1. Mmmm, can’t wait to read it, Maryam,
    Let us know when The Guardian article comes out and I’ll add a link to it…
    best wishes

  2. Oh you guys are soOOOOOooo lucky!! Being a typical Singaporean, building a home means moving into a ready-made apartment, renovating it and moving in. The apartment is fondly refered to as a HDB, shortform for Housing Development Board, SIngapore.. Living in a 20-storey HDB means also having 19 neighbours with the exact same floor plan…

    Oh how I envy people who can build their own houses from scratch…

    Anyway, Nice blog you have here!!

  3. Where are you……..? Have you given up on blogging?:-(

    Hello Maryam….

    thanks for the kick!

    hope all’s well with the house build. Will drop by your site later and take a look


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